Know Your Numbers!


It’s never been more difficult to manage a team.  In today’s chaotic business environment, managers and employees are pulled in many directions.  Data streams exist by the dozens.  Organizational velocity is ever increasing.  Adding to the chaos, teams are often based in different physical locations.  Given the pace at which managers are required to operate, a simple yet true understanding of team performance has never been more critical. 

In a world searching for wisdom yet drowning in information, BoxScore is this simple yet powerful measurement of employee performance.  Does a manager really need another complex report?  Does anyone in the organization regularly have 15 minutes to give feedback?  Ultimately, aren’t only two pieces of information required for a manager to keep the pulse of the individuals on their team?  A manager simply needs to know:

  • How well is the employee executing the responsibilities of their role?

  • How well do they interact with others and represent the group to other parts of the organization?

Looking for a good way to capture this data? Let us help!

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