Increase customer retention by at least 10%

Research shows most businesses will experience between 10-15% annual customer attrition. We have two questions for you to consider. First, how much does your average customer generate in gross profit for your organization? Second, if you have to replace 10% of your customer base each year, what does that mean for your bottom line?

What if there was an easy and cost effective way to retain your customers? BoxScore’s real-time feedback offering is just that! BoxScore’s true differentiator is our ability to generate a huge ROI for our customers where other companies are just sending surveys and gathering information. We do this by generating a high response rate and volume of feedback and providing our customers with tools to immediately identify problems and upset customers.  We’ve been able to increase our customer’s retention rates by at least 10% and in most situations saving just one customer who had a bad experience pays for the BoxScore subscription. 

See below for a few screenshots of our system.


Your Team

Each employee has a profile where feedback is individually tracked. Employees can also be part of a larger team. Management reporting structure is available too.


Individual scoring requests

All feedback requests are individualized for each given interaction. The email or text message to the scorer includes their name and relevant information. A picture of your employee is included to help personalize the interaction. Works great on mobile or desktop.



Simple yet powerful reports are available in the customer portal. Feedback is filterable by employee, customer, service ticket, date, etc. to easily enable data driven decisions and actions.