Human Resources

Our BoxScore SaaS application brings you a flexible and uniquely structured real-time feedback loop for your staff. Responses can be provided in under 30 seconds. Users receive instant notification of responses along with real-time data display and analytics.

Here are just a few ways that BoxScore can be deployed within the Human Resources environment:

Employee performance and development: Real-time feedback from internal/external customers as well as colleagues

Evaluation of Onboarding Experience: You only have one chance to make a first impression with your new hires. Ask them how it went to make sure they’re off to a great start – or follow up quickly if needed.

360 Degree Feedback: Send BoxScore Feedback Requests to a team to get quick evaluations of a team member or leader.

Professional development and training events: Get immediate feedback on the content and the experience. Make sure your development investment is paying off.

Trainees, probationary and performance plan employees: These are people who need frequent feedback on their performance (daily or weekly) to make sure they’re on track and growing.

Self-Generated Feedback Requests: Your top performers want more direct feedback than they’re getting. A corporate “BoxScore Me!” subscription allows them to request and receive their own feedback – anytime they want.

Employee Engagement Feedback: Ask your people regularly to tell you how they feel about their department or organization. Ask the same questions to track trends (a “pulse survey”) or rotate questions to broaden your scope.

Evaluate Applicants: Your interview team can give quick feedback on applicants they’ve met or spoken with. No need to chase them down for their feedback.

HR Consulting & Support Services: BoxScore can help you assess and build a culture of healthy feedback within your organization. We can provide administrative process improvement support within your HR department and also develop and deploy other custom or deep-dive surveys.