Hey Ump, What's the Count?


Does your performance evaluation system ever seem like this?

Umpire: “Batter Up.”

Batter takes first pitch… somewhere around the plate
Umpire: [silence]
Batter: “Hey ump, what’s the call?”
Umpire: “Don’t sweat it. You’re fine.”

Batter takes second pitch, which seemed a little low.
Umpire: [silence -- plus a little shrug]
Batter: “Hey come on ump, what was that? Ball or strike? I need to know. What’s the count?”
Umpire: “I get it, but it’s not a good time. Let’s just talk about it next week. You’re a good hitter. Don’t worry about it.”
Batter to catcher: “Weird, but he seems happy with how I’m doing, don’t you think?”

Batter takes third pitch which clearly seems high and inside to him.
Umpire: “Strike three! You’re Out!”
Batter: “Now you tell me? That’s ridiculous!”
Umpire: “Hey, you’re a professional. Figure it out!”

Do you sometimes think everyone knows the count except you? We all need some real-time feedback.

The BoxScore Motto: “Hey, don’t BS me. BoxScore me!”

Bill Burke