Low Marks For Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews, while still pretty standard in most organizations, continue to take a beating among thought-leader organizations. Knowable Magazine just published an article, “Low marks for performance reviews”. If that thesis isn’t clear enough, the subtitle hits it harder: “Annual assessments can be wildly inaccurate — not to mention soul-crushing. Here’s why the ritual, dreaded by managers and the managed alike, falls short, and what might work better.”

The article catalogs the leading organizations who have given up and the many reasons they say “Annual performance reviews are the worst.” Instead, Professor Herman Aguinis suggests “…managers should double down on the practice of everyday management. That means checking in on employees every day and giving them real-time feedback on things they’re doing well and areas where they can improve.”

This, of course, is where BoxScore shines. A simple and quick feedback tool. A great coaching conversation starter. An easy way to give constructive advice. And an excellent way to provide affirmation that might otherwise be missed. Annual reviews can still play an important role when they’re an true summation of all the real-time feedback for the year.

“When performance is a conversation, when it’s not something that happens just once a year, the measurement becomes very easy and straightforward with no surprises,” Aguinis says.
Bill Burke