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Let’s talk terms

Here is a plain English description of the terms of use you agree to by using BoxScore.

 These terms are effectively a contract between you and BoxScore so make sure you read them. You must agree to these terms in order to use BoxScore.

We may change our terms of use from time to time. If we do, we will post a note on our website or email you.

You will need to sign up for an account to use BoxScore. Keep your password safe and let us know if you detect any unusual behavior on your account immediately.

You also must be at least 18 to use BoxScore.

You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel your use of the service at any time, but we do not provide prorated refunds or adjustments. To cancel or downgrade your User Account, contact us.

Unless otherwise noted, information published on this site are copyrighted works of BoxScore (including our trademarks, name, logo, source code, etc).

To use BoxScore, you must agree you won't use BoxScore to break any local laws.

You can't republish or resell BoxScore without permission.

Backup your data! We do our absolute best to ensure against data loss but we can't absolutely guarantee against it.

We encrypt everything where possible, but there may be times when data is communicated insecurely (emails, for example).

We sometimes feature users or partners on our website. We will always ask your permission before using your name, photo or logo. 

We specifically limit our liability if something goes wrong.

These terms of service are final. 

We also have a full privacy policy you should review.  

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