The Problem

What if you could truly discover what colleagues or customers are thinking about your people or your organization? In a world where we measure everything, obtaining meaningful performance feedback continues to elude most organizations. Information like this could shape or alter your work. If you could extract feedback with every meaningful interaction, you’d have a stream of clear and actionable performance input. In fact, you’d have a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

The Solution

BoxScore captures the real-time feedback already in people’s heads - in less than 30 seconds. We all continually evaluate the people we interact with - without even realizing it. As humans, we subconsciously use two simple measures when we engage with someone as a work colleague or as a customer:

1. How well did my particular ‘objective’ get accomplished?

2. How positive was my experience with that person?

By scoring the right two measures (with an optional comment), your colleagues or customers could easily and quickly mark that priceless moment of affirmation or opportunity for improvement. This immediately actionable feedback could be requested and furnished in a variety of ways -- and then we send it straight to you.

Examples of BoxScore Uses

  • Employee engagement feedback

  • HR & employee performance feedback

  • Customer experience feedback

  • Meeting and event feedback

  • Real-time class evaluations by students

  • BoxScore Me! Self-generated feedback requests

  • Anonymous or identifiable feedback

BoxScore Features

  • Simple, quick, easy to learn and use

  • Cloud-based via web, tablet, phone, link, kiosk, email, text, QR code

  • Customizable scoring questions and comment suggestions

  • Feedback submitted generates an immediate email alert

  • Real-time dashboard with filters for each staff member

  • Scoring analytics and data exports available for individuals, teams, client organizations, topics, etc.

Pricing Structure

No contract required. Monthly or annual subscription fee based on number of team members receiving feedback. Unlimited usage.