BoxScore is known for our unique, real-time feedback application. It’s cloud-based and ready to go for organizations who want to subscribe and get started on their own.

However, we can also provide an array of customized services to support your specific needs; for example:

We can operate the BoxScore application on a “full-service” basis for you:

  • Provide feedback strategy and question design

  • Generate all your feedback requests

  • Provide customized reporting

  • Transmit customized scoring data for integration into your systems

Deeper dive HR and customer surveys with data analytics

HR Consulting & Support Services:

  • Administrative process improvement consulting to support your HR department

  • BoxScore can help you assess and build a culture of healthy feedback within your organization.

Feedback Readiness Assessment services

  • Overview Presentation Session and Resources on Real-Time Feedback

  • Management Interviews and Questionnaires

  • In-depth Employee Surveys and Focus Groups

  • In-depth Customer surveys and interviews

  • Social media and online review analysis

  • Evaluation of feedback received previously

  • Feedback Readiness Scorecard and Action Plan

Sentiment Analysis using Artificial Intelligence tools

Contextual evaluation and scoring of social media and customer commentary regarding brands, products and services:


BoxScore’s service offering is a deep dive into the mind of an organization’s customer base.  We combine a comprehensive analysis of all existing customer reviews across all public review platforms with a deeper customer insight survey.  Projects focus on specific indicators selected by our customer (for the restaurant example below, the indicators were staff, service, food, and wait time) and dig deeper into growth drivers and customer behavior.  The results of this analysis will enable a strong understanding of strengths & weaknesses -- straight from the mouths of your customers -- and will facilitate your go-forward marketing and customer engagement strategy. See an example analysis below measuring positive and negative social media feedback in this fast food location’s top 4 elements of customer satisfaction: Staff, Service, Food and Wait times.

All projects are customized so please contact us for more information!