A Growing Epidemic


A recent “Safe Sport” research survey found 1/3 of the 1,800 athletes interviewed had experienced some sort of sexual violence, the majority of whom were under the age of 18 at the time.  One out of nine interviewees were the victim of severe or recurring sexual violence.  Almost daily, a new story of abuse breaks following a consistent pattern of criminal behavior from a trusted authority against an athlete in their care.       

Besides the physical abuse, one of the great evils abusers inflict on their victims is psychological damage.  Oftentimes, the victim believes they are in the wrong or is afraid to proactively report the abuse to parents or people in authority over the sports program.  Tremendous effort has been placed into training curriculums for athletic departments, sports medicine organizations, and sports associations.  In addition to teaching appropriate behavior, many programs help train individuals to identify signs or abuse.  .

What if there was a way to easily and repeatedly ask athletes if they feel safe?  BoxScore’s solution is just that.  After a medical consultation, individual workout, or other interaction, BoxScore can be leveraged to proactively reach out to athletes and ask two quick (customizable) questions:

·         Did the athlete receive the care they required and expected?

·         Did they feel safe during their interaction?

BoxScore can be set up to send feedback requests at a regularly recurring interval, can be sent ad hoc after a specific interaction, or can be integrated with a work-flow system of the organization’s choosing. 

BoxScore is the perfect complement to a thorough Safe Sport training curriculum.  It is the proactive feedback partner to the curriculum in helping to help identify predatory behavior in real-time.  BoxScore is an independent third-party and can be an easier place for an athlete to proactively indicate signs of trouble.  Giving victims the opportunity to safely and “virtually” raise their hand and ask for help is an important, closing step for organizations committed to making athlete safety a priority.        

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