Our Vision

Feedback delayed is feedback denied.


BoxScore exists to help organizations and individuals be the best they can be - today. We believe real-time feedback enables real-time results.

Feedback loops are built into every technology and manufacturing process. Why shouldn’t they be part of the human side of business? BoxScore is the feedback loop built for people.

We believe the old cliche, “a rising tide lifts all boats” to be true. If an organization can shorten and repeat its human feedback loop, an unstoppable tide will be released.

Employees will be armed with crucial information to increase their performance. This transparency and increased performance will drive up overall engagement. Customers will receive a higher level of service which will drive overall retention and profitability. Profitability will drive a reinvestment in the culture and performance of the organization.

Feedback is the advantage available to every organization, regardless of industry, segment, or purpose. You are the hero of the story, we exist to guide you in activating this advantage

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