Make a Difference

BoxScore For Good

BoxScore's mission is to help people and organizations be their best.  Our users get regular, real-time feedback which affirms them for their strengths and allows them to quickly recognize and act on areas for improvement.  For most members of the workforce, BoxScore is one more assist -- another tool being added to their education, company training and supervisor support to advance their careers and support their families.  And how we love to be part of that!

And yet we recognize that there are many who don't have these advantages and perhaps haven't even been able to break into the workforce. Entry-level and unskilled jobs are harder to find with all the new automation around and these jobs are more competitive than ever with rapidly increasing minimum wage rates.  Some aren't likely to be hired nor prepared to hold onto a good job.  We believe BoxScore has both a role to play and a responsibility to make it possible.

BoxScore For Good provides one free subscription to a disadvantaged student or worker for each employer organization that purchases an annual BoxScore subscription.  These free subscriptions are administered through schools, community development agencies and faith-based organizations serving inner-city and other disadvantaged communities.  These heroes teach life and job-skills and provide internships or on-the-job training opportunities.  A trainee who makes it through a program to become a permanent employee has a whole new road and life ahead! Daily BoxScore feedback for young trainees can make all the difference in understanding how their boss perceives their performance so they can learn, grow and get better every day.  

Join with us in this mission by subscribing to BoxScore.  You'll be making a difference.  Or contact us if you're working with young people in this way and want to include BoxScore in your program.  Thanks!